LPMC is a member company of the Associated Consulting Group, and is a world leader in  innovative environmental and natural science education, information, research and management services. We serve the private and public sector and our clients are from all over the United States and Canada. LPMC provides consulting, diagnosis, contracting and implimentation of environmental solutions that fit the budget, every time. Our firm operates out of a network of 11 offices in Maine, Alaska, Washington, Florida, California, Texas, Michigan, Conneticut, Arizona, New Mexico and Cambridge UK. Our qualified staff includes hydrogeologists, hydrologists, aquatic and terrestrial biologists, environmental engineers, chemists, geomorphologists, natural scientists, foresters, environmental planners, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) specialists and technicians. No matter the issue, LPMC has the means to solve it. 

We continually follow breaking stories and news from the environmental sector that have an impact on the environment, and its managment. Follow us on twitter to see the more recent news we're talking about!

Looking for more information about how LPMC is involved in projects around the globe? Check out our Past Projects page!
This year LPMC will break ground on the newest office in New Orleans! The last few years especially there has been an increased need for innovation and resources in and around the gulf coast.

Post-Katrina New Orleans is the perfect place to set up the 12th satalite office of LPMC; right in the middle of a re-stabalizing city and vibrant community. We are very excited to be working with the people of New Orleans and the communities and wildlife that live and thrive along the Gulf Coast. See you this summer!
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